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NOTE: The information on this page is for introductory purposes only. For detailed information on Checkbox web services, please visit our Developer Center at checkbox.com/developer-center.

Checkbox’s Web Services are a robust set of services that can be used to automate certain processes within Checkbox, and allow developers to move certain actions out of the application into their own CRM systems.

For instance, you can utilize the UserManagement service to create a new user in Checkbox when a lead visits your website. Once the user is created, you can then use the InvitationManagement service to create a new invitation and send a survey to that user. Once the response has been collected, you can then use the ResponseData service to pull the response information back into your CRM.

Access to our Web Services is free for all Checkbox Server licenses and all Checkbox Online accounts, with the exception of Basic accounts.

Below is a table of the services available and a brief description of what they can be used for :

ServiceWhat It Does
UserManagementGet, Create, Edit, Manage users and groups
AuthenticationAuthenticate against Checkbox. Useful for creating SSO portals.
InvitationManagementGet, Create, Edit, Manage invitations and reminders.
ResponseDataGet survey response data.
SecurityManagementGet, Create, Edit, Manage access control lists (which control who has access to surveys).
StyleManagementGet, Manage survey styles.
SurveyManagementGet, Manage surveys and folders.
StyleEditor/SurveyEditorGet information about surveys and styles.
ReportDataGet, Manage Reports

Documentation & Example Code

Access to the Checkbox Survey Software Developer Kit includes a handy Get Started Guide, developer documentation, and developer code samples to help you get started on your integration and customization projects.

Important Note: The Web Services cannot be used to extend the functionality of Checkbox. Customizing the application or adding new items/function will require purchase of the SDK or Source Code and additional development work by your organization.